MythTV+3G routing on Eee 1000

Eee 1000 netbook in a nutshell: N270 intel atom w/ 1 GB. RT2790 802.11n-wifi, works in master (access point) mode. 3xUSB. 8+32 GB ssd.

USB devices:

  • 12d1:1001 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E169/E620/E800 HSDPA Modem.
  • Hauppauge PCTV nanoStick T2, DVB-T2.
  • 2 TB USB hd for recordings.

Ubuntu 12.04 desktop, linux 3.5.

  • mythtv: apt-get install mythtv-backend, mythweb, mysql-server, mythtv-frontend
  • 3G routing: udhcpd, hostapd, bridge-utils, iptables.
  • Other: openssh-server, screen.

Total installation size 3.7 G. Out of the box performance is good enough to serve 1080p DVB-T2 unencrypted broadcast (yle hd) or blu-ray rip from usb device to another mythfrontend over WLAN. Capable to serve recordings to TV via UPnP.

Eee has no hardware acceleration, so it’s able to play SD content only with mythfrontend. VGA port/chipset is capable to output 1080p. There is no HDMI.

Haglöfs OXO 650Q

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